College Admissions and Graduation Policies
Regarding American Sign Language

A project by Jason E. Zinza, PhD


Institution Name
Survey Date
Contact Telephone Number
ASL Study Satisfies Admissions Requirements
Number of Years of ASL Study
ASL Satisfies Graduation Requirements
Adams State University6/30/2016800.824.6494Yes1 yearYes
Argosy University - Denver9/21/2016303.923.4110No language pre-requisiteN/AYesNo language requirement for graduation
Art Institute of Colorado6/30/2016800.275.2420No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Ashford University - Denver8/26/2016866.711.1700No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Aspen University6/30/2016303.333.4224No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Colorado Christian University7/7/2016303.963.3200No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Colorado College6/30/2016719.389.6000No language pre-requisiteN/ANoMust take at least 1 semester of a language on campus
Colorado Heights University6/30/2016303.937.4225No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Colorado Mesa University6/30/2016970.248.1020Yes1 yearYes
Colorado School of Mines6/30/2016303.273.3220Yes1 yearYes
Colorado State University - Fort Collins6/30/2016970.491.6909Yes2 yearsDepends on major / minorCheck individual major requirements
Colorado State University - Pueblo6/30/2016719.549.2836No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minor
Colorado Technical University - Colorado Springs6/30/2016855.230.0555No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Colorado Technical University - Greenwood Village6/30/2016855.230.0555No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Colorado Technical University - Online Campus6/30/2016855.230.0555No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Columbia College - Denver6/30/2016303.771.0176No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Denver School of Nursing6/30/2016800.600.6604No language pre-requisiteN/ANoDual enrollment credits for ASL will fulfill the graduation requirement.
DeVry University - Colorado Springs9/19/2016719.632.3000No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
DeVry University - Denver9/19/2016303.280.7400No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Fort Lewis College6/30/2016877.352.2656Yes2 yearsYes
ITT Technical Institute - Aurora [CLOSED IN 2016]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
ITT Technical Institute - Denver [CLOSED IN 2016]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Johnson and Wales University - Denver6/30/2016877.598.3368No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Jones International University [closed in 2016]N/AN/AN/AN/A
Mesa State College [see Colorado Mesa University]N/AN/AN/AN/A
Metropolitan State University of Denver6/30/2016303.556.3058Yes1 yearYes
Naropa University6/30/2016303.546.3572No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Nazarene Bible College10/18/2016719.884.5062No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Platt College - Aurora6/30/2016303.369.5151No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Regis University6/30/2016800.388.2366No language pre-requisiteN/ANoMust take 1 year of a spoken language
Remington College - Colorado Springs6/30/2016800.323.8922No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design6/30/2016303.753.6046No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
The King's University - Colorado10/17/2016719.548.9000No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
United States Air Force Academy6/30/2016719.333.3801Yes2 yearsNoMust take two years of Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, French, Russian, or Spanish on campus.
University of Colorado - Boulder6/30/2016303.492.6301Yes3 yearsYes
University of Colorado - Colorado Springs6/30/2016719.255.3084Yes2 yearsYes
University of Colorado - Denver6/30/2016303.556.2400Yes3 yearsYes
University of Denver6/30/2016303.871.2036Yes3 yearsNoWill need to take 1 year of any language on campus
University of Northern Colorado6/30/2016888.700.4UNCYes1 yearYes
University of Phoenix - Colorado Springs12/7/2016719.527.9000No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
University of Phoenix - Lone Tree12/7/2016303.755.9090No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
University of Phoenix - Westminster10/18/2016303.755.9090No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
University of the Rockies [does not offer undergraduate degrees]N/AN/AN/AN/A
Western State Colorado University6/30/2016800.876.5309Yes2 yearsYes
Westwood College - Denver [closed]N/AN/AN/AN/A
Westwood College - Denver North [closed]N/AN/AN/AN/A

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