College Admissions and Graduation Policies
Regarding American Sign Language

A project by Jason E. Zinza, PhD


Institution Name
Survey Date
Contact Telephone Number
ASL Study Satisfies Admissions Requirements
Number of Years of ASL Study
ASL Satisfies Graduation Requirements
Baker University7/19/2016785.594.8325Yes4 yearsNoMust take 1 semester of a language on campus IF student took ASL in high school for 4 years in high school. If took ASL for 2 years, then students will need to take a full year of any language on campus.
Barclay College7/25/2016800.862.0226No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Benedictine College7/19/2016800.467.5340NoN/ANoAll students must take 2 semesters of any foreign language offered on campus
Bethany College7/19/2016785.227.3380No language pre-requisiteN/ANoAll students must take 1 year of language. ASL credits from another college may be transferred to fulfill this requirement.
Bethel College 7/25/2016316.284.5230No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Central Baptist Theological Seminary [no undergraduate degrees offered]7/19/2016N/AN/AN/AN/A
Central Christian College of Kansas7/25/2016800.835.0078No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Cleveland University - Kansas City7/1/1916800.467.2252No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Cleveland University Chiropractic College & Health Sciences12/1/2016800.467.2252No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Donnelly College7/19/2016913.621.8706No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Emporia State University7/19/2016620.341.5465No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minorEducation majors must take additional language to fulfill graduation requirements.
Fort Hays State University7/19/2016785.628.5666Yes2 yearsYes
Friends University7/19/2016800.794.6945No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minorCheck individual major requirements
Haskell Indian Nations University7/19/2016785.749.8404No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
ITT Technical Institute - Kansas City [CLOSED IN 2016]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
ITT Technical Institute - Wichita [CLOSED IN 2016]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
K-State Salina [see Kansas State Polytechnic University]N/AN/AN/AN/A
Kansas Christian College10/21/2016913.722.0272No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Kansas State Polytechnic University12/1/2016785.532.6011No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Kansas State University - Manhattan7/19/2016785.532.6250No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Kansas Wesleyan University7/19/2016785.827.5541No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Manhattan Christian College7/19/2016785.539.3571No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minorB.A. students are required to take 1 year of language on campus or transfer dual enrollment credits. B.S. students do not need to take additional language.
McPherson College7/19/2016620.242.0400No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
MidAmerica Nazarene University7/25/2016913.782.3750No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
National American University - Overland Park7/19/2016913.981.8700No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
National American University - Wichita7/19/2016316.448.5400No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Newman University7/19/2016316.942.4291Yes1 yearDepends on major / minorSome majors have additional foreign language requirements
Ottawa University - Kansas City7/19/2016888.774.7713No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Pittsburg State University7/19/2016620.231.7000No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minorB.S. students do not need to take additional language. B.A. students are required to take at least 1 additional language class on campus or a cultural competency course.
Rasmussen College - Kansas City / Overland Park6/6/2016913.491.7870No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Rasmussen College - Topeka6/6/2016785.228.7320No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Southwestern College7/19/2016800.846.1543No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
St. Paul School of Theology [does not offer undergraduate degrees]8/3/2016800.825.0378N/AN/AN/A
Sterling College 7/25/2016620.278.2173No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Tabor College7/25/2016620.947.3121No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
The Art Institute of Kansas City [closing in 2017]7/19/2016913.217.4600N/AN/AN/A
The King's University - Kansas10/17/2016913.538.7650No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
The United States Army Command General Staff College [does not offer undergraduate degrees]N/AN/AN/AN/A
University of Kansas7/19/2016785.864.2700No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minorCollege of Liberal Arts & Sciences accepts ASL for those in the School of Education. B.A. majors require additional foreign language courses.
University of Saint Mary7/19/2016913.682.5151No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minorB.A. majors must take 1 additional semester of language. B.S. majors do not need to take additional language. Dual enrollment credits accepted.
Washburn University7/19/2016785.670.1010No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minorB.A. majors must take 1 additional semester of language. Dual enrollment credits from high school ASL coursework acceptable to fulfill this requirement.
Wichita State University7/19/2016316.978.3456No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minorCollege of Liberal Arts majors are required to take 1 year of language study on campus.

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