College Admissions and Graduation Policies
Regarding American Sign Language

A project by Jason E. Zinza, PhD


Institution Name
Survey Date
Contact Telephone Number
ASL Study Satisfies Admissions Requirements
Number of Years of ASL Study
ASL Satisfies Graduation Requirements
Alcorn State University9/1/2016601.877.6100No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Belhaven University9/1/2016800.960.5940No language pre-requisiteN/ANo
Blue Mountain College12/8/2016662.685.4771No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minorB.A. majors may have additional foreign language requirements. B.S. majors have no additional language requirements.
Delta State University9/2/2016662.846.3000NoN/ANo
ITT Technical Institute - Jackson [CLOSED IN 2016]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Jackson State University7/20/2016800.848.6817NoN/ANo
Magnolia Bible College [closed]N/AN/AN/AN/A
Millsaps College7/19/2016601.974.1000Yes3 yearsYes
Mississippi College7/19/2016601.925.3000NoN/ANo
Mississippi State University7/18/2016662.325.2224NoN/ANo
Mississippi University for Women7/18/2016662.329.4750NoN/ANo
Mississippi Valley State University7/18/2016662.254.3347NoN/ANo
Rust College7/18/2016662.252.8000NoN/ANo
Southeastern Bible College of Mississippi12/8/2016601.426.6346No language pre-requisiteN/ANo
Tougaloo College7/17/2016601.977.7700NoN/ANo
University of Mississippi8/6/2016662.915.7226No language pre-requisiteN/ANo
University of Mississippi Medical Center7/18/2016601.984.1100No language pre-requisiteN/ANo
University of Southern Mississippi7/18/2016601.266.1000No language pre-requisiteN/ANo
Virginia College - Biloxi6/16/2016228.546.9100No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Virginia College - Jackson6/16/2016601.977.0960No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Wesley Biblical Seminary [no undergraduate degrees offered]N/AN/AN/AN/A
Wesley College of Mississippi [closed]N/AN/AN/AN/A
William Carey College7/18/2016601.318.6116NoN/ANo

Understanding the Policies

Institutions may require 1, 2, 3, or 4 years of ASL study at the high school level to satisfy the foreign / world language admissions requirements.