College Admissions and Graduation Policies
Regarding American Sign Language

A project by Jason E. Zinza, PhD


Institution Name
Survey Date
Contact Telephone Number
ASL Study Satisfies Admissions Requirements
Number of Years of ASL Study
ASL Satisfies Graduation Requirements
Bacone College7/25/2016918.683.4581No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Brown-Mackie College - Tulsa7/25/2016918.628.3700No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Cameron University7/25/2016580.581.2289Yes2 yearsYes
Columbia College - Fort Sill7/25/2016580.353.7884No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
DeVry University - Oklahoma City7/25/2016405.767.9516No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
East Central University7/25/2016580.332.8000Yes2 yearsYes
Family of Faith College7/25/2016405.273.5331No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College [see Randall University]N/AN/AN/AN/A
ITT Technical Institute - Oklahoma City [CLOSED IN 2016]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
ITT Technical Institute - Tulsa [CLOSED IN 2016]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Langston University - Oklahoma City7/25/2016405.466.2231No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minor
Langston University - Tulsa7/25/2016918.877.8100No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minor
Mid-America Christian University - Oklahoma City7/25/2016405.691.3800Yes2 yearsYes
Northeastern State University7/25/2016918.456.5511No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Northwestern Oklahoma State University12/13/2016580.327.1700No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Oklahoma Baptist University7/25/2016405.275.2850NoN/ANo
Oklahoma City University7/26/2016405.208.5000No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minor
Oklahoma Panhandle State University7/25/2016580.349.2611Yes1 yearYes
Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City7/25/2016405.945.3224No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Oklahoma State University - Stillwater7/25/2016405.744.5358Yes2 yearsDepends on major / minorB.A. degrees require 10 units of foreign language
Oklahoma State University for Health Sciences [does not offer undergraduate degrees]7/26/2016918.582.1972N/AN/AN/A
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology7/25/2016918.293.4678Yes 2 yearsYes
Oklahoma Wesleyan University7/25/2016918.335.6219No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Oral Roberts University7/26/2016918.495.6518No language pre-requisiteN/ANoAll students must take 1 year of language on campus
Philips Theological Seminary [does not offer undergraduate degrees]12/13/2016918.610.8303N/AN/AN/A
Philips University [closed]12/13/2016N/AN/AN/AN/A
Platt College7/25/2016405.912.3260No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Randall University7/25/2016405.912.9000Yes2 yearsYes
Rogers State University7/25/2016918.343.7777No language pre-requisiteN/ANo B.A. degrees need 1 semester of any language on campus. B.S. students do not need to take additional language courses.
Saint Gregory’s University7/25/2016405.878.5100No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minor
Southeastern Oklahoma State University7/26/2016580.745.2000Yes2 yearsDepends on major / minor
Southern Nazarene University7/25/2016405.789.6400Yes2 yearsYes
Southwestern Christian University7/26/2016405.789.7661Yes2 yearsYes
Southwestern Oklahoma State University7/25/2016580.774.3792Yes2 yearsYes
Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology7/25/2016918.836.6886No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
University of Central Oklahoma7/26/2016405.974.2727Yes2 yearsYes
University of Oklahoma12/13/2016405.325.2151No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minor
University of Oklahoma - Norman7/25/2016405.325.2151Yes2 yearsDepends on major / minorASL accepted if they are dual enrollment credits to fulfill graduation requirements.
University of Oklahoma - Tulsa12/13/2016918.660.3000Yes2 yearsDepends on major / minor
University of Oklahoma Allied Health Sciences Center12/13/2016405.271.6588Yes2 yearsYes
University of Phoenix - Tulsa10/18/2016918.622.8477No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma7/25/2016405.224.3140Yes2 yearsDepends on major / minorSchool of Education accepts ASL to fulfill graduation requirements
University of Tulsa7/25/2016918.631.2307No language pre-requisiteN/ADepends on major / minorArts & Sciences majors: ASL fulfills all requirements. Business majors: Must take 1 year of language on campus
Virginia College - Tulsa6/16/2016918.960.5400No language pre-requisiteN/AYes

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