College Admissions and Graduation Policies
Regarding American Sign Language

A project by Jason E. Zinza, PhD


Institution Name
Survey Date
Contact Telephone Number
ASL Study Satisfies Admissions Requirements
Number of Years of ASL Study
ASL Satisfies Graduation Requirements
Argosy University - Salt Lake City9/21/2016801.601.5000No language pre-requisiteN/AYesNo language requirement for graduation
Art Institute of Salt Lake City [closing in 2017]9/16801.601.4700No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Brigham Young University6/28/2016801.422.4104Yes2 yearsYes
Broadview University6/28/2016801.300.4300No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Columbia College - Salt Lake City6/28/2016801.281.6677No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Dixie State University6/28/2016435.652.7777No language pre-requisiteN/ANoB.A. students need to take 1 year of foreign language on campus - including ASL. B.S. students have no further foreign language requirement
Eagle Gate College6/28/2016801.333.7133No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
ITT Technical Institute - Salt Lake City [CLOSED IN 2016]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Neumont University6/28/2016888.638.6668No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Southern Utah University6/29/2016435.586.7700No language pre-requisiteN/ANoStudents must take at least 1 year of ASL on campus or take a placement exam showing acceptable proficiency. High school courses not counted unless the credits were dual enrollment for college credit.
Stevens-Henager College - Murray6/28/2016800.622.2640No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Stevens-Henager College - Orem6/28/2016800.622.2640No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Stevens-Henager College - West Haven6/28/2016800.622.2640No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
University of Phoenix - Clearfield12/7/2016801.825.1891No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
University of Phoenix - Salt Lake City10/18/2016801.506.4166No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
University of Utah - Salt Lake City6/28/2016801.581.7200Yes2 yearsYes
Utah State University - Logan6/29/2016435.797.1000Yes2 yearsNoB.S. students do not need to take additional language. B.A. students are required to take at least 1 year. ASL is accepted by some majors. Students are asked to meet with their Academic Counselor who decides whether ASL fulfills requirements.
Utah Valley University6/30/2016801.863.4636No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Weber State University6/29/2016801.626.6000No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Western Governor's University 6/29/2016866.225.5948No language pre-requisiteN/AYes
Westminster College6/30/2016801.832.2200No language pre-requisiteN/AYes

Understanding the Policies & Key Terms